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With over 10,000 individual pages (and more being added frequently), we realize that navigating around The James MacArthur Official Website can be a little daunting, whether you're a first-time visitor or one who's been frequenting the site since its inception. Therefore, we've created this help section to assist you in making the most of your visits to our site. In addition to this page and the Site Search/View Sitemap function, there are also help pages for:

Site Functionality (getting features like the video clips or games to work)

General Questions About This Site (or Why Can't I Find What I'm Looking For?)

If the information below doesn't help you find your way around, try one of the other sections via one of the links above, or you can email us directly with your specific question by clicking here.

How is this site organized?
I don't see any underlined links on some of your pages. Is there something wrong?
How do I find information about a specific performance?
I don't know/can't remember the title of the performance I'm looking for. How do I find it?
How do I access pictures from a specific performance?
I'm looking for magazine articles written by James MacArthur or Helen Hayes. Where are they?
My question isn't covered anywhere in these help pages. Now what?

How is this site organized?

The site is organized in layers like a pyramid. Layer One is the home page. Layer Two is a series of pages which provide links to the layers underneath. Pages like Curriculum Vitae, View Video Clips, Read Articles & Interviews, and so forth are part of this layer. Layer Three consists of the pages for individual performances or magazine articles/interviews linked from the pages in the previous layer. Layer Four is composed of either supplementary text pages with more information about a performance or the image galleries for performances which have too many images to fit on the main page. These galleries are presented in one or more pages, depending on how many images we have for a specific performance. Layer Five is reached by clicking on a thumbnail from one of the gallery pages, and will lead site visitors to a larger image of whatever is depicted by the thumbnail.

I don't see any underlined links on some of your pages. Is there something wrong?

No. On many pages (like this one), we use text which changes color when the cursor moves over it to indicate links. For instance, the word link in this sentence will become highlighted if you move your cursor over it. If you then click on it, you'll be taken back to the top of this page. Using text which highlights or changes color when visitors cursor over it works just the same as underlined links, but we think it provides our pages with a more attractive look. It is still a relatively new technique in use on the World Wide Web, but as it continues to increase in popularity, you'll see it more and more and become just as accustomed to it as you have been to the older style underlined links.

How do I find information for a specific performance?

First, you need to know the title of what you're looking for; if you're not sure, skip down to the next question for help. If you already know the title, you can locate its page in one of several ways. One is to use the Site Search/Sitemap feature and type the name of the performance in the search box (be sure to enclose the title in quotation marks, like this: "Swiss Family Robinson"). This will deliver a list of all pages on the site which contain that search string. In some cases, that can be a very long list indeed. An easier method is to access one of the Curriculum Vitae pages. If you're not sure whether the performance was television, film, theatre, radio, or miscellaneous, then you would be best served by visiting the Full Curriculum Vitae page, which lists everything we have. If you know for sure which genre the performance fits, then access the CV page for that particular type of performance (you'll find links to each of them at the bottom of this page).

I don't know/can't remember the title of the performance I'm looking for. How do I find it?

In this case, the Site Search/Sitemap feature is your best bet. Enter as many keywords as you can think of which fit the performance you're looking for. As an example, let's say you're looking for a television show in which James MacArthur played a recovering alcoholic writer accused of murdering the producer of his latest movie. Enter keywords like alcohol, writer, murder, and producer into the search box. The sixth item on the list you get will be Murder She Wrote: Hooray for Homicide, which is what you're seeking. The more descriptive and selective you can make your keywords, the shorter the resulting list, and the quicker you'll find what you're seeking. If you're still having trouble finding what you're after, feel free to send us an email with as much information as you have, and we'll tell you where to find the page for that performance.

How do I access pictures from a specific performance?

As outlined in the answer to the first question above, images from James MacArthur's many performances are contained in pages subordinate to the main page for each performance; that is, Layer Four of the site. We've created a special Photo Index page which lists direct links to the picture pages associated with each performance or article. The Photo Index in broken down into six categories: Movies, Television, Theatre, Miscellaneous, Interviews & Articles, and Other. Where there are less than approximately a dozen images associated with a performance or article, the thumbnails for those images are on the main page; where there are more than a dozen or so images, there are separate image galleries associated with each performance. In several cases, there are so many images associated with a particular performance that there are as many as five image galleries for that performance. The titles for those pages clearly indicate that they are one of a number of galleries. At the bottom of each page there are links to the succeeding pages. You can also use the method of your choice as outlined in the answer to question three, access the page for a particular performance, and then click on the link near the bottom of that page for its corresponding image gallery. Once you've found the thumbnail of an image you like, click on the thumbnail, and you'll have a full-size image to view.

I'm looking for magazine articles written by James MacArthur and/or Helen Hayes. Where are they?

Using the Search Site/View Sitemap page, enter the search string "by James MacArthur" or "by Helen Hayes" to find what you're seeking.

My question isn't covered anywhere in these help pages. Now what?

Please send us an email and we'll answer you as quickly as we can (generally, the same day). We'll also publish both your question and its answer here to aid future visitors.

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