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Kidnapped: Additional Information from the Disney Pressbook

Ask James MacArthur for scones recipe

James MacArthur -- who may be a trifle prejudiced -- thinks Scottish cooking in just about the world’s best.

MacArthur, who stars in Walt Disney’s Kidnapped, the Technicolor version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s high adventure classic, is of Scots descent himself, but says this doesn’t explain his attitude.

“There isn’t a French dish made that can surpass Scotch shortbread when it’s made properly,” avers the 22-year-old actor-son of Helen Hayes, and Jimmy adds such world-renowned Scottish dishes as oatmeal bannocks, scones and Scotch pancakes to his list of Scottish eating ‘musts.’

MacArthur’s pretty wife, Joyce, dutifully collected a set of recipes which Jimmy hopes will give her plenty of know-how in the realm of cooking.

Just before he left Britain, MacArthur also picked up a couple of recipes for butterscotch and potato cakes.

Whether or not Joyce excels as a Scottish cook is an interesting point, for there’s one thing she would like to know: “Why is it that in nearly all these recipes bicarbonate of soda is an ingredient?” she asks.

Filming in Scotland Great Adventure for Jim MacArthur

“Join Disney and see the world.”

That’s James MacArthur’s philosophy -- and he believes in it firmly.

For Kidnapped, Walt Disney’s Technicolor version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s boldest melodrama, Helen Hayes’s actor-son travelled to Scotland and to England to portray the starring role of David Balfour.

This followed trips to (1) Tennessee for The Light in the Forest; (2) Switzerland for Third Man on the Mountain; and subsequently (3) to the British West Indies for Swiss Family Robinson.

In between his two latest assignments, MacArthur and his blonde wife, Joyce, sandwiched a trip to Russia as part of their global itinerary.

“But for me the trip to Scotland was the most thrilling I’ve yet made,” says the 22-year-old MacArthur. “I’m of Scottish descent, and always wanted to see the land of my ancestors.”

In Kidnapped, MacArthur relives the thrills and chills of the Scottish youth Balfour, who finds himself involved in 18th century murder and kidnapping.

“Joyce and I got along marvelously with the Scottish people,” continues MacArthur, “and they proved to be very generous hosts.”

The young man also tackled the ancient art of playing the bagpipes as part of his training for the role -- a task which gave him as much enjoyment as it did surprises.

“I never realized a man had to have so much breath to play the bagpipes,” says MacArthur. “By the time you finish playing them for a few minutes even, you’re just plain pooped!”

On completion of Kidnapped, Jim and Joyce spent many days exploring the famous places of London.

“We fed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, got lost in the Maze at Hampton Court, went boating on the Thames, and went slumming in Soho.” Says MacArthur, with a twinkle in his eye, “I can’t think of any better way of living than the way we have!”

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