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The Angry Breed (1969)

Appearing as Deek Stacey

Synopsis from the Commonwealth United Entertainment, Inc. pressbook:

Johnny Taylor (Murray McLeod), an aspiring young actor, returns from Vietnam with a script given to him by a famous Hollywood writer whose life Johnny saved during a raid. The only stipulation was that Johnny sell it provided he could star in it. After finding that everyone wants the script, but not him, he is dejected and broke.

One evening as he walks along the beach in Malibu, he rescues a young girl being molested by a motorcycle gang whose leader threatens to get even with him. Diane (Lori Martin) insists upon taking him home to tend his wounds, and he meets her father, the Vance Patton (William Windom) of studio fame, and her mother, who invites him to become their house guest.

When Patton learns of Johnny's plight, he agrees to finance the film and sets up a meeting with Mori Thompson (Jan Murray), an underhanded agent who will do anything for money. His favored client, Deek Stacey (James MacArthur), turns out to be the leader of the motorcycle gang, and the two conspire to do away with Johnny by arranging a fatal Halloween party.

Patton has become concerned with the growing relationship between Diane and Johnny and introduces him to April Wilde (Melody Patterson), his leading lady-to-be. During the party, though, Diane and Johnny are together until they become separated and he finds himself in a dungeon cell facing the costumed Deek ... and a knife. He manages to escape when Jade (Karen Malouf), a beautiful Oriental deaf mute and Patton's housekeeper, creates a diversion.

The next day at the studio, Johnny recognizes Deek and kicks him out of the production.

Johnny returns to the house to find that Patton has called the picture off. And, by now, everyone realizes he never intended to make the film in the first place. Gloria (Jan Sterling), his wife, who has become increasingly bitter at the way he uses people, attempts to kill him by oiling the drum on the cable car that carries him to the beach for his nightly swim. At this point, Deek shows up bent on revenge and, during the fight, he and Patton are forced into the cable car. Deek is killed and the injured Patton realizes how much Gloria means to him, as Johnny and Diane pledge their love to each other.

Angry Breed Poster

Murray McLeod, James MacArthur

Lori Martin, James MacArthur

Angry Breed Lobby Card (Spanish)

James MacArthur, Melody Patterson, David Commons

James MacArthur, Melody Patterson

James MacArthur, Melody Patterson, David Commons

James MacArthur, Melody Patterson

James MacArthur, David Commons

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