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Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Behind the Locked Door (27 March 1964)

Appearing as Dave Snowden

Broadcast 27 March 1964 on the CBS television network.

Synopsis by curator@jmdigitalscrapbook.com:

Young newlyweds Dave and Bonnie Snowden (James MacArthur, Lynn Loring) arrive at the darkened and sealed off home in which Bonnie grew up. After Dave breaks a window and lets Bonnie in, they begin to explore.

Dave is intrigued by a locked door upstairs and anxious to learn what might be behind it. Leaving Bonnie sleeping on the sofa, he tries to the pick the lock.

As he concentrates on his task, a spooky woman swathed in black (Gloria Swanson) steals up behind him. It turns out she is Mrs. Daniels, Bonnie's mother. She is deeply disturbed to learn that the thief she thought she had caught is actually her son-in-law.

Convinced Dave is nothing more than goldigger, Mrs. Daniels then informs him that his new wife is underage and she plans to have the marriage annulled.

Dave declares that he loves Bonnie, not her money, and he'll fight any efforts to break them apart. However, confronted by Mrs. Daniels and her attorney (Whit Bissell), Dave agrees to the annulment, but steadfastly refuses the offer of money and a job with which he was to be rewarded.

Three weeks later, on her 18th birthday, Bonnie appears at Dave's apartment and tells him she plans to defy her mother and stay with him. Though Mrs. Daniels tries to continue to keep them apart, the young couple remarry and set up housekeeping in Dave's seedy apartment. Mrs. Daniels cuts her daughter off without a penny and makes life as difficult for them as possible.

Is Dave really in love with his naive young wife or is he the callous, treasure seeking cad Mrs. Daniels believes him to be? Will Dave and Bonnie live happily ever after despite their poverty or will it succeed in driving them apart?

Special Note: No, it's not your browser or your monitor; the images presented on this page really are fuzzy. Due to the scarce availability of this program on video, we've had to make do with a less than perfect copy; however, we thought fans unable to view any version of this program would appreciate even low quality images rather than nothing at all. Therefore, we've cleaned up the images as best we can and present them here for your viewing pleasure. If at some future date we are able to acquire a video with better picture quality, we'll update this page with better images.

James MacArthur

James MacArthur, Lynn Loring

James MacArthur, Lynn Loring

James MacArthur, Lynn Loring

James MacArthur, Gloria Swanson

James MacArthur, Gloria Swanson, Whit Bissell

James MacArthur

James MacArthur, Lynn Loring



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